Neil Watson gig / Crystal Choi gig

Ihjt Tubular Live: Having earlier reviewed the long anticipated Neil Watson ‘Tubular’ album I looked forward to the live launch. The Thirsty Dog gig was well attended, the audience extremely enthusiastic and no wonder. Although we saw a slightly different line-up from the album band, they were on fire from the first note. Watson, always … Continue reading Neil Watson gig / Crystal Choi gig

Ruckus, 2021

For those who don’t live where we live, live gig reports could feel like salt rubbed into a wound. I write from a warm Pacific Island. A place where the virus is not in the community but where we can roam free (we don’t have snakes) and where we have live music available. We have … Continue reading Ruckus, 2021

The Circling Sun – midsummer heat

As a group of the worlds leading astrophysicists excitedly ran one last check. At the precise moment that the astonishing mathematical proofs confirmed Einstein’s theory of ‘gravitational waves’, the Circling Sun hit the CJC. This rare cosmic event released fresh gravitational waves which pulsed throughout central Auckland; altering the molecular structure of any ear within … Continue reading The Circling Sun – midsummer heat

Phil Broadhurst – ‘Panacea’ review

‘Panacea’ is the third of Phil Broadhurst’s ‘dedication trilogy’ series and as fine as the earlier two albums were, this one stands out. Everything about it is superb, the individual performances, the ensemble playing, the recording quality, the cover art by Cameron Broadhurst and above all the compositions. Broadhurst, always a prolific composer has excelled … Continue reading Phil Broadhurst – ‘Panacea’ review

‘Hardbopmobile’ (with Carolina Moon)

Frank Gibson Jr’s ‘Hardbopmobile’ has been around for a number of years and the band always delivers uncompromising hard-hitting performances. Gibson and Watson see to that. This no nonsense approach guarantees that Hardbopmobile’s music, even while traversing well worn standards, is fresh. This particular gig was titled ‘Hardbopmobile plays Monk’ and with the interesting addition … Continue reading ‘Hardbopmobile’ (with Carolina Moon)

K’Party Spoilers of Utopia Album@Vitamin ‘S’

I am writing this on International Jazz Day and reflecting on the diversity of improvised music occurring in my city of Auckland, New Zealand.  We have straight ahead Jazz, free improvised music and everything in between.  For me a livable community is better defined by its relationship to the arts than by any other measure. … Continue reading K’Party Spoilers of Utopia Album@Vitamin ‘S’


My name is John Fenton. In January 2020 the blog was rated among the top 50 Jazz Blogs in the world and ranked at number 40 by is about Jazz, experimental improvisation, and related topics. It is structured as a Webzine or Improvised Music Journal, with the primary purpose of promoting and documenting … Continue reading About