John Fenton Poetry


An anthology of John Fenton’s poems titled ‘Dancing Between The Notes‘ will be published by Xlibris Publishing Ltd shortly. More details, such as where to obtain copies will be posted closer to the launch date. The book will be available as a paper copy (recommended) as well as being available on digital platforms such as Amazon, Kobo etc.  Watch this page for further details.

Most of these poems were written with specific Jazz tunes playing in my head. As I wrote each poem, the lines sang themselves into fragments, time was displaced and reharmonisation occurred. What started as one thing gradually became another. The other poems were written with the songs of place or the rhythms of the road as a guide.

I wrote as a voyeur, watching life from a safe distance. An eaves-dropper, a margin alien. The links between poetry and improvised music are as ancient as language itself and telling stories in new ways is fundamental to human existence – it is not a choice. I hope that I have captured the essence of the musician’s world in this small anthology and revealed a few ‘marginaliens’ found along the way.

John Fenton 2018

 sample poemScreen Shot 2018-04-18 at 3.59.58 PM