Lost and Found: Alan Broadbent, Herb Ellis, Bob Brookmeyer

Like many Kiwi Jazz fans I do my best to buy local artists music when they record. If we don’t buy, then they will not bother to record. Some of the diaspora have found wider markets and inevitably they settle where the work is. Alan Broadbent is just such a musician and locals always turn out to see his concerts when he visits from the USA. Alan has a new album out that has been well reviewed in both Jazz Times and Downbeat and understandably local fans want to obtain a copy. The album is titled , “Live at Giannelli Square: Vol 1”. Distribution appears to be a problem however as the local record stores like Marbecks have had it on order for many months and even though Amazon has it on offer; in reality no copies are available. Patience is extolled as a virtue, but this situation is never-the-less frustrating for the record stores (and for fans like me who lack the virtues of my elders and betters). Marbecks Records tells me that they could have sold quite few copies by now and it would have been sensible for ‘Chilly Bin Records’ to ensure that the supply coincided with the publicity and reviews. I am sure that I will get my hands on a copy eventually and perhaps the waiting will enhance the listening pleasure. I see in Down Beat that people are invited to order directly from ‘Chilly Bin Records’ and so I may even try that. This is probably Alan’s own label as the name ‘chilly bin’ is a piece of pure Kiwiana and just maybe, the album has sold so well that the distributer was unable to keep up?  Nice thought.

Found: Two new classic reissues well worth the purchase price.   The first is Herb Ellis ‘Nothing but the Blues’ but also included is the fabulous ‘Herb Ellis meets Jimmy Guiffre’.   To get the pair of these meticulously restored classic albums plus a 12 page booklet for a mere $24 is almost embarrassing; Poll Winners Records.   The second two for one album is a pair of dates recorded by the Bob Brookmeyer quartet.   First up is ‘Blues Hot and Cold’ which reaches back into older earthier trombone styles while somehow remaining very fresh and modern.  The second album is titled ‘7 X Wilder’ a typical Brookmeyer pun.    This album is a tribute to his friend Alec Wilder (great American Songbook).  The sidemen on ‘Blues Hot and Cold’ are Jimmy Rowles (p) Buddy Clarke (b) Mel Lewis (d).   The sidemen on ‘7 X Wilder’ are Jim Hall (g) Bill Crow (b) Mel Lewis (d) – Bob also plays nice piano as well as his unique valve trombone.  All that for $28 – cheers Lonehill Jazz.

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