It has just been announced that NZ  born pianist Alan Broadbent is coming back to perform in Auckland with the Roger Fox Big Band.   The concert is billed as a Jazz Gala – Concert for Christchurch: 8 p m – June 1st  2011.   That is good news for Auckland’s Jazz community because Alan’s mix of perfectly executed standards and his story-telling between numbers makes for a great listening experience (who knew of the rivalry between Vernon Duke and Stravinsky?).   Last year in the Auckland Town Hall, Alan entranced the audience with his anecdotes and his playing and I am hoping that this easy going interactive style will still be evident this time around.   He is headlined to play with the Roger Fox Big Band and several LA based musician’s.   These are Charley Davis on Trumpet and Denise Perrier vocalist.   The event is being billed as a ‘Concert for Christchurch’ and the net proceeds will be donated to Christchurch.   At $44.40 per head and less for some tickets I would hope they get a good audience.   No mention of Joe La Barbera, Larry Koonse or Tom Worrington at this concert.

What could work against the timing however is the fact that the long awaited Sonny Rollins Concert is being held in Wellington 10 days later and that may lure some Jazz loving locals away (or leave them too out of pocket to go to both concerts).

The distribution problems with Alan’s newest CD ‘LIve at Giannelli Square ‘ do not appear to have resolved themselves.    I just received my third email from Amazon telling me that the item is still unavailable and what did I want them to do?.     I have cancelled the order in the hope that Alan will bring some copies with him.