Random “retweets’ from the jazz planet

Herbie Hancock Quartet at the Round House, Camden

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This post contains a few reminders of concerts and some feeds from ‘Twitter‘ and ‘Facebook‘. Navigating all of the pitfalls when locating well known personalities on Facebook (copy-cat sites) I located the Herbie Hancock facebook page and posted a link on how much I enjoyed his concert. Soon the singer from that concert Kristina Train posted – and along with her comments came photos of the Auckland Skytower. These appeared to excite people from all round the globe who guessed that the tower was in Russia or else Malaysia. Now two weeks later Herbie has posted a comprehensive itinerary, photos and a thanks message; the ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ posts from 30 or 40 countries show that this has been a huge tour for his band. This sort of interaction on ‘Facebook’ and ‘twitter’ connects me to the wider ‘Jazzosphere’ and I like it.

From my son in SF: ‘Can’t wait for the Jazz hall to be completed and of course the Fillmore which is legendary! How had I not realized that it is here?
We stumbled upon the historic area today once famous for being the home of the Beat generation; much of what Kerouac writes about in the Dharma Bums is centered here. It’s maintained some of its original flavor—much like Haight-Ashbury has with the Hippy movement—though more as a shrine. I’m with Hunter S. Thompson on this one:

“… and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark—that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back”.

From Twitter: Passion 4 Jazz – “singing#Jazz is chiefly a matter of developing a stoical disregard for decent food, decent lodgings & a decent home” Barry Ulanov

From Twitter feed; MusicLtdRu – “Marty Paich – Jazz West Coast 1959 – recent issue – twitter link j.mp/kvltb3.”      The joy of a fresh Marty Paich album – bless Twitter (jonjaz)

Remember tomorrow (Friday 27th) it is the Devonport Gig – Tom, Joe, Larry & Bruce (see earlier post)     Next week on the 1st at the Bruce Mason centre – Alan Broadbent – Roger Fox band.

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